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Lea Ann Parnell   

Contact Info:

270-432-3359      Metcalfe Co. Middle School

The best way to reach me would be through email. If you need to speak with me directly please call during my planning period or leave a message with the office staff and they will forward that to me. 


1st  7:45-8:28 6th grade science
2nd 8:32-9:12    "              "
3rd 9:16-10:00 6th grade Science
4th 10:04-10:47    "              "
5th 10:51-12:00 Planning
6th  12:04-12:49 Geology/Meteorology
7th  12:53-1:40 6th grade science
8th  1:50-2:45    "              "



Hello and welcome to my Science classroom.  I am so excited to share my love of science with you this year. I thought you would like to know a little bit about me, so here you go. 

The 2021-2022 school year will be my 22nd year here at Metcalfe County Middle School.  I was very fortunate to begin my teaching career here and I am proud to be a Hornet. 

Science?  Why science you say?  I say....why not!  We are all curious, its just human nature.  That's exactly what science is.  The desire to know/learn the how, why, and the what ifs. 

My background:

I am a mother to 2 wonderful kids  

     Sarah is married and works for Safe Harbor Marina.

     Colton who is starting his junior year in high school. 

My husband works at the Pines of Lindsey Wilson College

My daddy was the pastor of a Nazarene church in Adair County for 30+ years. 


Love my horses!  They fascinate me, though I am highly allergic.  Some things are just worth suffering for.

My kids are/have been involved in Marching band so I have fallen in love with that aspect of music (I mostly just feel a lot of pride when watching them perform)

I love to draw and paint (I waited way to many years after high school to take this hobby up again, so its like I'm learning all over again)

I am super excited to teach/learn about a few things....(yes I fear you will tell me at some point that I am way to excited about a topic, but that's ok.  I just love science)


----I have a love/hate relationship with storms (I'll admit I am terrified of storms, but at the same time I am fascinated by the forces of nature and what they can do)

---I love ROCKS!  yes you heard me correctly......I am fascinated by rocks.  (well geology in general)  It was not a subject I enjoyed for many years, but something just clicked and I began to realize how amazingly this world works  How things can change and reform into such wonderful, beautiful, magical things......  

----There are others, but those two are the big ones for me.  What science topic excites you?    Learning is so much better when you find joy in something.  Lets enjoy a great year together. 

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